Phase IV - Southeastern Building

For this phase, we were asked to develop three perspectives and floor plans illustrating basic furniture arrangements and design proposals. My design is utilizing an arc as an anchor for this design. I'd like to take a hybrid approach using the insertion and installation strategies. In simple, the insertion strategy states that the pre-existing design and the proposed design are unique in their own way but share a dialogue. Insertion utilizes the pre-existing architecture to design. The installation strategy is more straightforward and self-explanatory. It is designed as an installation that can (in a sense) be installed and removed. There is no dialogue, utilization of architecture, or any relation to the existing structure. It is completely different.

I say its a hybrid because in some spaces, they do share dialogues, while others are completely absent of relativity. I chose this design process to introduce new technologies, materials, and customs that I believe to have a superior longevity than the previous. Here are a few perspectives that I proposed.

Exterior Perspective

A few notes from Jo was to make the corner column more predominant and illustrate the idea of an arc. Also we talked about the use of light to project a color and its intensity, which I found to be helpful as well.
This interior rendering was a test rendering to show the lighting within the space. I later found that a stair was required dead center of my design, therefore I had to switch it up a little.

This rendering includes an addition of a stairway to the third floor and also highlighting two of the three predominant colors.

This illustration shows the installation piece that I chose to break up the repetitive wood paneling above. This also shows the indoor storefront for the market café "Market Market".
 This shows a predesign of the restaurant. This restaurant features ambient downlighting. Lighting within a restaurant is important to set to the mood and acoustics.

As these are all predesigns, I can't wait to flesh out the nitty gritty of the designs and show them to everyone. Keep a close eye as i'll be updating quite frequently.

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