Phase 1: Precedent Analysis (Petronas Towers)

Our objective was to study two precedents: a skyscraper and a workspace

My decision for the Petronas Towers was based solely on the connection between structure to site, site to culture, and culture to global environment. The Petronas Towers stands tall over an oasis of comfort in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur in context is a breath of fresh air to the many islands of Singapore. The city's population is growing past 1.6 million and remains the largest city in Malaysia and is no wonder architect Cesar Pelli designed a beacon of light to attract millions to the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Materiality played a big role to the structure and also gives an aesthetic appeal. Made of stainless steel extrusions and laminated light green glass, the twin towers compliment the greenery that it sits proudly upon.

Egress was an interesting study due to the fact that architect, Cesar Pelli, assumed that both towers would not suffer collisions, damages, or cataclysmic warfare. That being said, the skybridge was a pinch point for evacuation if it was ever attacked.

The structure to site diagram shows the embracing qualities that Cesar Pelli had in mind. He wanted to ripple his giant skyscrapers into the city by means of landscaping design. The qualities of water make this site more calming and welcoming. As an attempt to tip the scales the overbearing and massive structure echoes to the preexisting city through landscaping design.

Sunlight was a major issue that the Petronas Towers addressed. They reacted to the issue by designing a landscape that would be intentionally shadowed upon. This move was to direct shadows on the sites landscaping and not the neighboring businesses and residents.

Logo Designs

In the beginning stages of the skyscraper competition one of our priorities were to conceive a Firm name. We, as a group, took it upon ourselves to design mock firm logos to unify the group and bring camaraderie. The designs involved a specified color scheme that showed our dynamicism, design and ethics.

The firm name Flux 35 was created with the team in mind. Five females and three males, a team united by design, architecture, and snazzy shoes.

GMAC Tower - Photo Analysis

In preparation for the upcoming Skyscraper Competition, we decided to tour the GMAC Tower. This tower holds an insurance firm with several hundred people occupying the tower. With this photo analysis, I delved into the strategic geometry that makes its structure sound. The interiors were very dated and did not project an aesthetic appeal. Some issues that needed to be addressed were the absence of lighting (artificial & natural), the lack aesthetic appeal, inefficient navigation through space, an environment that peaked at mediocre and an inadequacy of inspiration and progression. GMAC Tower is an artificial tower with artificial spaces to match it.