Issues and a Guest Speaker

Today in Environmental Design we got into 3 groups and talked about our individual projects. We also learned about the basic issues with new projects. We came across craftsmanship, the focus, scale, and purpose. In my specific group with Dana and Amanda, we came across craftsmanship. For example, Sharons TP-like structure, it showed amazing craftsmanship and it made the project much more cleaner and professional. Focus, scale, and purpose played roles to augment the energy it provided. Focus brought the eye towards the main idea and if the scale was off it detracted from the structure. Sometimes people through stuff together cause it looked cool but had no purpose and it hurt the object tremendously.

Also today John Lin was a guest speaker and talked about sustainability and the year 2030 in architecture. It was very enlightening. He described the human race and the impact of sustainability as a storm. He provided places and resources from the AIA or the American Institute of Architecture. He told us to "know the storm, find - trust - and live the beauty." He compared the human race to a storm because it is an agent of transformation, constructive and destructive, it is a dynamic event, and it is a process. The speaker was enlightening because the way he described LEAD buildings were amazing such as the Proximity Hotel. I enjoyed the lecture. It brought insight and inspiration to architecture.