Color Exploration : Precedent?

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson's House at the Shawangunks gives a strong notion of geometry and clean, basic materials. The use of colors create a dynamic space that adds visual interest.

Ranch House Assessment

In order to fully understand and design for the ranch house, I wanted to understand more of the psychological and physical aspects of it.

Visual environment

color: Neutral palette. Greenery from outside.
light: large amounts of natural light. two lamps. overhead light.
graphics: B&W organic paintings.

Auditory Space

Roof design allows sound to interact more fluidly in space.
Textiles absorb sound waves.
Floor change increases hearing.

Olfactory Space

The flow of smell is equally dispersed, as the living room bisects the outside and the kitchen. The use of fabrics can sometimes catch unwanted odors.

Thermal Space

Textiles such as carpets, sofas, chairs enable users with warmth.
Contrasts with the granite floors and tile.

Kinesthetic Space

The flow throughout the space allows for entertaining and socializing. The living room also utilizes a floor change to increase visibility and dynamicism to space.

Tactile Space

Multiple textures in space allowing for constant stimulation. Artifacts that are unfamiliar adds visual and tactile interest. Constant change in feeling from smooth to rough to soft to solid.

Furniture Assessment

The furniture in the space is interesting and uncommon. This allows for a visual and tactile impression. These artifacts welcome the users and provide a variety of physical stimulation.