This is an inspiration / precedent of the design the gateway group decided on.

Alternative View of Gateway

Visual Aid *Critique Day

This is a visual approach to the project. During our critique we had the stepping stones in a 3x4 fashion and was told that it took away from the steps. The group decided to switch gears and change the project into a diagonal line to make it more appealing to the eye. The semi circles is plays dual roles to guide the walkers and to strengthen the idea of a bigger picture of circles.

A stepping stone in the right direction.

This slab of concrete is one of the final outcomes of the frame. The group came to an agreement to have two incomplete circles as the frame to give a sense of a bigger picture. We plan on using 30 + of these stones to create a usable walkway across the Gateway island.

Frame and Siteplan Overlay

These are some of the contributions I helped create for the Pathways, Edges, and Boundaries project. The top picture is the frame that I helped Sharon and Phillip create. We poured concrete into the mold to create a finished stepping stone that is to be installed in January. The picture below is the Site Plan Overlay that I had to draw for the Gateway Island. It shows an aerial view of the Gatewood building and the Islands that are in the parking lot. 

Venturi House Plan

This is the Venturi house plan that Stoel had us recreate on Bond paper. I was told to narrow my letters and make them smaller to present the picture/ plan better.


These are two of the perspective drawings Nadia had us work on. The top is a one - point interior and the bottom is a three point exterior. I loved working on the three point because I never would have believed that I could draw something like this. 

Exterior Poche