Echo - Reverberating the Southeastern Building [Greensboro]

For my last semester in the interior architecture program, our class has to undergo a historic preservation project. The building in question is the Southeastern Building that is located on the corner of Market and Elm street downtown. This piece of architecture, once a bank, celebrated a classical column facade and an interior that sang of a grand entrance. Sadly, it became the fault of a modernistic design that was cold, lifeless, and too early for its time.

Our goal for this project is to restore it back to something of beauty and resonates with the past. My design concept is a reverberation soundwave. I chose this for its ability to harken back to its past. I want to bring back the mezzanine level that was once a beautiful design gesture that suggested an open airy environment.

A few design elements were needed to complete the project. These elements consist of the basement and first three floors to contain a restaurant, retail space, and office spaces; floors four through nine are considered residential. For this design, I wanted to select a clientele of young professionals due to the rising demand for jobs and residential space. Here are a few precedent images that illustrate the beginning process of the Southeastern Building.

Here are a couple site diagramming images showing the context and proximity.

Design matrix showing designs, inspirations, and tactics used to develop the design.

Diagrams showing function allocation

 Shell sketch of the corner and street presence
A rough illustration of a proposed curtain wall and storefront.

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