"12 Twigs" Finale

For the Finale I created the spiral like motion and used hot glue to stick it to the paper. I found beauty and inspiration in the life and death of this project. It represented opposites like dangerous and safe, beauty and ugly, and openness and closure. I plan to remake it by the end of the semester to be well crafted and better planned out.

"12 Twigs" 4th Attempt

My 4th Attempt I used the previous idea of 12 twigs wrapped by paper. I added the rose petals to strengthen the color and idea of roses. There is also 1 rose in the center. The teachers said it was unnecessary so I decided to vamp that idea and try something different. 

"12 Twigs" Attempt 1 and 2 and 3

Following "A Place For A Leaf" our teachers had us design another place... Basically they wanted us to create a place for 12 twigs. At the beginning of the project I had trouble thinking of ideas so Stoel, Tommy, and all of the TA's  helped me. My first idea was a commemoration to the heroes of September 11th. By doing so I created a gateway and a cube like structure to represent new york. It was point blank too literal. My next idea didn't help either. I created a shape of new york, new york and covered it with rose petals. at the bottom of new york i put 2 roses uprising out to represent the two towers. Negative. My 3rd iterations combined 12 rose stems and wrapped paper in a spiral motion; it was more simplistic and more meaningful.

Lighting Fixture "Car"


Nadia's Light Fixtures

I found that doing Nadia's exercise before Stoel's drafting exercise made it difficult to draw objects such as light poles or headlights. In retrospect I believe that I could draw these a lot better with time and more effort than before. The skills like drafting and perspective drawings can help tremendously in projects like these.

A Place for a Leaf (Model finish 1)

Our first project was a place for a leaf. I used a giant leaf found between the stone and foust building at UNCG. I found the leaf interesting because of its texture (soft vs hard) and its scale. I loved the the fact it felt like a lizard. I decided to project the lifespan through its "Place". I believe I could greatly improve it by the techniques i've learned so far being 4 weeks into iARC.


Random Post.

So it's been about 13 days since i last posted... don't get me wrong I like Blogger... it's just so tedious and stressful to get Blogger to work and upload photos quickly. Anyways in the past 5 classes, i went through Professor Nadia's art technique classes and had to use a viewfinder to draw light fixtures and architectural pieces. For the final photo I decided to draw a Car headlight. In the past 2 periods I have began drafting in Professor Stoel's exercises. They are extremely fun yet tedious. I absolutely love using techniques to make a line straight and find ways to create angles.