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For the past two semesters I have met people that exceed my expectations of class. I've met the down to earth, organic, perfectionist that brings life to art. I've watched an energetic teenager transform from a confused soul to a social butterfly that entertains and works beyond possibilities. I've admired the free spirited, beautiful, and sometimes quirky, adult that rises to the occasion when troubled waters surround her. Surprisingly, thats just a hand full of the amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet. Thankfully, this is the community of the iARC first year that slaves themselves on their work night and day.


I believe that stewardship is being considerate and kind to others around us in a community. Although our opinions, beliefs, and idea's are completely different, being courteous to should be a goal that us students should strive for.


To be authentic is to be unique and genuine. I previously went to a third year critique and listened to the professor and he suggested that the ideas and conversations a group of students have is authentic because it is a fusion of self into a giant idea. The third years had to create not ten designs, not five designs, but one. Of a group of 28 their individualities bedazzled the client with their accumulation of suggestions into a super concept. I believe that, that is authentic; to be unique and genuine.


Our studies in this major is unlike any other major. It forces us to use our god given minds and problem solve. Unlike mathematics, everything is sporadic, energetic, and vivid. Mathematics to me, is linear and solid. There is no outer boundaries to break and there is always a right answer. Innovation in art is the future. It enables us to think and create outstanding and beautiful new items.