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Scale Figures??

Lakes, Animals, and Science (Photography)

Lakes, Animals, and Science (Photography)

Case Study Elevations

Rough sketch elevation.
Medium : Mechanical Pencil, Prismacolor / AD Chartpak / Sharpey

This is a more clean elevation with more emphasis on color detail and shadow.
Medium: Mechanical Pencil, Prismacolor / AD Chartpak / Sharpey

The final elevation.
I paid more attention to the crisp lines and entourage in this image. The one thing I am most proud of in this elevation is the detail in the fireplace. It was one of the most closest items in the room therefore I decided to make it really pop.

Medium: Micron .01

Case Study Floor Plan

We were assigned a "Case Study" floor plan and had to convert the image from 1/16th to 1/4th = 1'. This assignment taught skills of converting a large image by hand (not digitally). Unfortunately my conversion was miscalculated and ended up adding a couple feet all around. The image is slightly askew due to the miscalculation.

Presentation Composition 1

This is the Maud Gatewood presentation composition. The decision of image placement played an important role due to the contrast of color and black and white images. The "Maud Gatewood Painting" text should not have been "laying" on the border.