I've just been ''Wagonized''

Our first assignment was to review one out of many blogs posted by our professors. I looked at Tommy Kane because it was recommended by most but, when I looked onto www.wagonized.typepad.com, I found that France Belleville has a sense of inspiration in his drawings. He uses pen so gracefully and skillfully especially on his EDM #1 a shoe. EDM #93 Egg Carton is truly remarkable. Belleville makes an object such as eggs and a carton seem unbelievably beautiful by his shading and definition and volume. 
Belleville created a sketch of different sized vehicles with pen. With such speed he drew distinct outlines of well known cars. It inspired me to attempt to draw in my english class... Okay so in a way it was good and bad. Good because he provoked me to challenge myself. Bad because I did it in English class. I wanted to sketch fast and precise. 

Note to Self: i'll post the image later.

Anyways check it out and maybe you'll become "wagonized" also. =P

Shoe Exercise

Just a quick sketch of a classmates shoe.