"Unity" Front View

The front view of my unity structure shows triangular pyramids rising upwards. The 12 skewers are thrust upward through the planes. The height of the project extends to 14 and 3/4 tall and 8 and 3/4 long. 

"Unity" Top view

The top view of my unity project was made up 4 triangles that eventually come to an intersection point. The bottom measured out to be 6 and 3/4 and the adjacent side 7 and 3/4's. 

"Unity" precedent

My precedent is chinese architecture. I saw that chinese architecture have rising uplifting gestures in their buildings. I also saw that most of their faces are triangles. 

"Unity" Gesture

My gesture drawing was also created using charcoal. I drew this with triangles and vertical lines. I wanted to describe the upward motion of the model by drawing vertical lines. I also used chinese architecture as a precedent to help me draw this image.

Unity "Contour"

For the contour drawing I decided to use charcoal. It was my first time using charcoal and I enjoyed blending the color to make a soft tone. I believe it made my unity project become more dynamic. From peers and classmates they told me it looked a pirate ship or a boat. 

Abstract 16

Mrs. Cabrera asked us to draw 16 squares of parts of a twig, and our cell phone. I found that the twig was more freehand sketch techniques and the cell phone used more drafting materials such as rulers and protractors. I personally enjoyed the cell phone because of the drafting techniques I previously learned in Stoels exercises.

"Unity" Attempts 1&2

"Unity" Attempt 2

The first model didn't show much unity because it was 5 sided and there were 2 planes that I plopped on there for no apparent reason. My second sketch model, I was inspired by the fold up paper toy that entertained many kids throughout school. My first attempt at doing this model I just bundled up the sticks and shoved them in the center. The 2nd attempt I combined three pyramids and put the 12 sticks in a 3x4 stack in the center. My fellow classmates liked the simplicity but, it wasn't as dynamic and interesting. 

"Impossible Triangles"

"Unity" Attempt 1

I used the 12 skewers and planes to present a triangular unit. I was trying to take ideas away from the "impossible triangles". It was a triangle that looks as if it were a series of 3 triangles that were interwoven into one another.


We were given an assignment to use 12 skewers (sticks) and 12 bristol board planes to create a structure, object to show unity. This project had to demonstrate some aspects of the Gestalt theory. For example, laws such as continuity, proximity, closure, similarity, and symmetry. 

Abstract 4

After the rigorous smell of Sharpies, I came to the conclusion that after everything that the class went through the image that comes out is outstanding. I loved the end result of this. The top left is overlapping V's in a black background; top left is a V behind genetic looking strands; bottom left is a stairway in many directions; and the bottom right is a collage of letters and numbers.

Abstract 8

In Suzanne's abstract exercise we took sets of pictures from twigs and cell phones and in turn made a collage out of 8. I really liked the overlap quality in most of these. For example, the overlapping V's in the top right corner inspired me to further that into the collage of 4. 

"Twig 64"

Abstract 64