Timeline 875BC-875AD

875 BC


The chain pump was invented using circular discs to pump water. This machine was used by Middle eastern, China, and Europe

Writing was in the forms of chisel on tablets.

Art was carved into stones


Tiglath-Pileser I, ruled the country of Assyria destroying the “ancient world” and putting the society in “Dark Ages”.

Chaldaeans settled into southwestern Babylonia causing a increase in their population


Assyrians rose from the turmoil and began to start a new empire.

Tiglath-Pileser III combined the two monarchies (Assyrian and Babylonia).


Around the time of the “Tower of Babel” A Large Ziggurat was created to worship not a God, but for the glory of man.

875 AD


Art is enforced by Church and helped to inspire “Sacred cups, vessels, reliqueries, crucifixes, rosaries, alter pieces, and statues of well known religious figures.


Vikings become known all over Britain.

Battle of Edington. Alfred the Great charged the Vikings in springtime and overthrew their army.

Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum still did not contain the feud between them.

Longphort’s were created in Ireland and utilized as a barrier against oncoming shore attackers.

Vikings claim the territory of Waterford, Ireland and was taken 700 years later by Henry Ireton.


Architecture grew steadily at the end of the 9th century using traditional castles and drew society to Churches. Churches became popular because of their elaborate high style buildings.

Prague Castle is founded and is an inspiration to future castles in the 10th century.
St. George’s Basilica inhabited Prague castle and became known as the “oldest church building”.

Saint Vitus’s Cathedral is founded in Prague Castle and celebrates examples of Gothic Architecture.

Duke of Bohemia founded one of the most renowned pieces of architecture named the “Rotunda” in 925.

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