The Little Red Cap

The Little Red Cap

The story begins with an introduction of the protagonist. She was beautiful and very attractive with her silky hair and perfect skin. Her grandmother gives her a little red cap and she fell in love with it so much they called her “Little Red Cap”.

As the story goes Little Red Cap must deliver a bottle of wine and a piece of cake to her grandmother who lives far in the woods. She begins her journey and runs into a wolf. The wolf soon convinces the little girl to go off track and pick some flowers and gets quickly distracted and consumed by the forest.

While Little Red Cap picked and played in the flowers the wolf quickly ran to the grandmother’s house, ate her, and swiftly changed into her clothes awaiting the helpless Red Cap.

Little Red Cap, realizing what time it was, rushed to the grandmother’s house. The wolf’s identity became clear and in panic, ate Little Red Cap.

Moments later a hunter enters the building with suspicion and finds the grandmother and Red Cap moving within the wolf’s belly. He cuts open the wolf abruptly, saves the two women, and killed the wolf by putting stones in his stomach.

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