In interior architecture I, we are challenged to design a residential space while taking inspiration from a piece of art from the 1950's time period.

Some friendly reminders:

When completing this space the following should be evident and thoroughly manifested in the design.

- A correlation to Clark + Bachelard's "Power of 10" idea
- Relation to the assigned art piece
- An aesthetically pleasing space that takes from the ranch tradition, while still being grounded in the 21st century
- Intelligent space and ergonomic decisions
- Use of principles & elements of design
- Expression of materials, light, color, texture, surface treatment, and decoration
- Well thought out concept to guide work.
- Exceptional craft in models, drawings, and writing
- Writing to ground thought process


- analysis of artist/art
- three(3) models to explain design process/outcomes
- all elevations
- floor plan
- "strategy for all designed furnishings, catalog specification of furnishings, and scavenger hunt approach to detail these three approaches"
- detailed articulation from charrettes
- a schedule of materials, finishes, and accessories with a preliminary budget
- essay to articulate vision
- process drawings and models

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