Proper Citation Necessary

So the past couple of days have probably been the worst couple of days I've ever had. I honestly think that a black dismal cloud has been stalking me trying to break me. I've tried to do things to better my mood or at least calm me. I've laid in the snow and tried to find some sort of serenity. I've paced back and forth talking to myself to settle the confusion of multiple objectives and goals for the week. So, what's exactly bothering me? I lost my car keys, my crosswalk group probably hates me because I can't conjure enough strength to actually physically do anything. My portal group probably thinks im not taking this/these projects seriously. I'm trying and honestly, I feel like quitting. Frankly, I can't because I like this major, and although my grades don't show it, i'm trying. I always want new starts, but to say the truth, there are never new starts, its just now.

"In these deep city lights, we could get lost tonight. I'm finding every reason to be gone, theres nothing here to hold on to." - Sara Bareilles

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