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A Periphery is the perimeter of a specific area. For example, the periphery of UNCG’s campus could be the outer lining railroad. The railroad rides along the edge of the campus and it separates it from the city and the school. Knowing the periphery of a certain site helps the designer adapt to the surroundings and bring it into the design.

A Portfolio is an artist’s best friend. When I say “artist” I mean anyone with a passion for designing art in many forms. Portfolios contain valuable work from the artist that shows off his or her greatest pieces. They help the client understand the artist more and what he/she is capable of doing. In Interior Architecture at UNCG, we all must complete and turn in a portfolio to show our progress. Portfolios are great items to share to others because it’s work that means a lot to the artist.

Since elementary school we’ve learned step-by-step instructions to create papers, stories, even mathematic equations. The step-by-step instructions that we learn are really called processes. These processes are guides to an end product. In our program we show our process through the models and designs that lead up to the final. We show our rough drafts, sketch models, ideas, and sometimes-outrageous notions that are unrealistic. In our process models we show our intentions with a space.

Perspectives are different ways of looking at things. For example, if you were to draw a building, it would show perspective if a scaled figure was added. The scaled figure shows the dimensions of the building without actual measurements. Perspectives show different views of an identical building to show the differences in sides.

To be professional is to be well presentable and have good conduct in a specific profession. Being professional means to grow up from being a child. Period. It means to be well groomed, on time, prepared, and be mindful of anything that may come. Being professional means to be good at your craft, to be willing to cooperate, and to be understanding to new opportunities.

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try to use more drawings that youve done, rather than internet images