Grammer : Syntax

[re]visions – Revisions are changes made to a particular piece of work. Revisions can be an act of reviewing and acting. Revisions mean to re – visit and re – vision a composition. Musicians revise their works to make them better or to make it appropriate for an audience. Architects revise work to follow the set of rules or “Architecture Parlent” (Blakemore). An Architecture Parlent is a set of guidelines that were standard in France. The guidelines were rules in how to create specific buildings. They could not be more extravagant and awesome like the ruler. Back then revisions were made to any building that exceeded the rules and guidelines set by the “Architecture Parlent”. Now, however, Architects are breaking those rules and revising their work to satisfy their quench of imagination. For example, the New York Airport is not just an airport but also, a giant bird to distinguish from other airports.

audience – In Performance arts, an audience is the giant mass of people sitting to spectator a show or type of entertainment. In essays and pieces of literature, an audience is the reader and collectively the demographic of who reads the articles. In Architecture however, the audience is everyone. The audience is everyone because architecture is capable of standing the test of time and is admired by many. An energetic building like the Notre Dame is unbelievable because to think that men and women were able to erect a bigger than life, high – style, monument is staggering. An audience is in actuality the buyer in the sense that, if they don’t like it then they won’t buy it.

character – Like a single unique person, a building should have character that stands out unlike any other. The Eiffel tower has character. Its verticality and structure make the city of Paris pop. Downtown is usually a place to find the most creative and beautiful shops that is suggesting character. It’s not like your everyday Starbucks you see on every corner of every street. Its something you can’t find anywhere else. The city of High Point, North Carolina, as a whole, has character because it has a theme. It is a giant fleet of furniture stores in a city. Buildings are transformed into abstract and artistic forms. Adjacent to a design firm is a giant life-size boat as a furniture store.

transition – In music, a movement is the transition between two pieces. It could be a transition from a fast to slow song like Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”.


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