Precedent Analysis

When we were given this assignment I knew the exact piece of architecture i'd like to analyze. I'd like to research, diagnose, and find anything and everything on The Eiffel Tower.

At 312 meters high, the Eiffel tower stands as the focal point of the country of France. The high style monument that Gustav Eiffel creates is one of uplifting and high style. In high contrast to the city of Paris, the turn of the century monument creates an eye opening structure that symbolizes all of France; beauty, extravagance, and confidence. I believe that the Eiffel Tower is a piece to analyze because it clearly shows lessons, ideas, and a well defined history in Interior Architecture. For example, the ideas of commodity, firmness, and delight are exuberantly demonstrated by its incredible structure, the dual use as a telecommunications tower, and the beauty it gives off to the underlining city.

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