"12 Twigs" Attempt 1 and 2 and 3

Following "A Place For A Leaf" our teachers had us design another place... Basically they wanted us to create a place for 12 twigs. At the beginning of the project I had trouble thinking of ideas so Stoel, Tommy, and all of the TA's  helped me. My first idea was a commemoration to the heroes of September 11th. By doing so I created a gateway and a cube like structure to represent new york. It was point blank too literal. My next idea didn't help either. I created a shape of new york, new york and covered it with rose petals. at the bottom of new york i put 2 roses uprising out to represent the two towers. Negative. My 3rd iterations combined 12 rose stems and wrapped paper in a spiral motion; it was more simplistic and more meaningful.

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